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1/2 Acre Clearpac

  • Airmax ClearPAC Plus


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    …Pond Management * Season−Long Results The Airmax ClearPAC Plus includes everything you need to keep your pond clean and clear all season long. Save time money and guesswork with this all-in-one pond care package. The ClearPAC Plus combines the power of PondClear EcoBoost Nature's Blue…
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    $329.99 - 1219.99
  • …population will ultimately depend on the surface area of your lake or pond. Below is an example for how to stock ponds of various sizes. 1/4 Acre 1/2 Acre 1 Acre 2-4 Hybrid Bluegill/Sunfish 120 240 480 3-4 Yellow Perch 60 120 240 5-7 Largemouth Bass 15 30 60 Fathead Minnows 8 lbs 16 lbs 32 lbs…
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