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1/2 Inch Tubing

  • Flexible Black Vinyl Tubing - 1/2 Inch


    (1 Reviews)

    …clear vinyl tubing a solid black wall protects against the sunlight exposure that encourages algae formation in your plumbing. While Flexible Black Vinyl Tubing can be covered by mulch and brush we do not recommend burying it underground. Maximum flow rate for 1/2 (interior diameter) tubing is 500…
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    $5.95 - 119.00
  • Stainless Hose Clamps


    (7 Reviews)

    Used to secure your tubing connections to prevent leaks. Available in the following sizes: 1/4 1 1-1/4 1-1/2 and 2. We recommend purchasing hose clamps one size larger than your black vinyl or kink-free tubing.
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    $1.99 - 3.49
  • …GPH: 1/2 inch tubing * Up to 900 GPH: 3/4 inch tubing * Up to 1500 GPH: 1 inch tubing * Up to 2700 GPH: 1-1/4 inch tubing * Up to 3600 GPH: 1-1/2 inch tubing * Up to 5400 GPH: 2 inch tubing * Up to 13500 GPH: 3 inch tubing * Up to 21000 GPH: 4 inch tubing * Up to 42000 GPH: 6 inch tubing Tubing is…
  • Airmax Winterization Cap


    (No Reviews)

    If you choose to turn off your Airmax Aeration System this winter be sure to cover the ends of your tubing with Airmax Winterization Caps. Simply turn off your compressor unplug the system and disconnect the compressor flex-tubing from the airlines and apply the Winterization Caps to prevent debris…
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    $2.99 - 12.99
  • Aquascape Stacked Slate Spheres

    …for a wide variety of installations and locations. Sizes range from 24 to 40 diameter x 22 to 37.5 high. Each fountain has features a pre-filled center and includes a section of tubing that can be connected to an existing fountain pump (not included) to create a gentle water cascade over the sphere.
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    $295.98 - 799.98
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