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2000 Gph Pond Pump

  • Aquascape Pond Powerhead Pump

    …Forces up to 2000 GPH Max Flow The Aquascape Pond Powerhead is a great option for pond owners who are looking to circulate pond water and increase oxygen levels. Designed to be powerful and energy efficient the Pond Powerhead consumes only 40 Watts of power while moving up to 2000 gallons of water…
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  • Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Utility Pumps


    (60 Reviews)

    …in or leaking anything into the pond. Use the Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Utility Pump (sizes 500 GPH - 1800 GPH) with The Pond Guy PumpBuddy to reduce maintenance time. Looking for a smaller Pondmaster pump? Try the Pondmaster190 GPH. Need help selecting a pump? Click here to get in touch with one…
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    $83.99 - 225.99
  • Atlantic Mag Drive MD-Series Pumps


    (3 Reviews)

    …impeller assembly and a 20' power cord Atlantic TidalWave Mag Drive Pumps are the ones you've been waiting for. With great energy efficiency and a five-year warranty these pumps are winners! Models: 1000 GPH and 1250 GPH include 1-1/2 adapter for use with the Triton Check Valve (sold separately)
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    $86.99 - 232.99
  • Oase Waterfall Pump


    (19 Reviews)

    pond or water feature. Maintenance is a breeze with no tools required and quick access to the pumps moving parts. The pumps' back-spitting feature allows for self-cooling (1650 - 5150 models only) and it's robust design offers maximum durability. Pumps include: 1 - 1-1/2 connection for 1650-3700 GPH
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    $182.99 - 529.99
  • The Pond Guy SolidFlo G2 Pump


    (113 Reviews)

    …The Pond Guy SolidFlo G2 Pump perfectly pairs with pressure filters UVs waterfalls and streams. The sturdy pre-filter pump enclosure is designed to keep out large debris while allowing particles up to 1/4 pass through. The SolidFlo G2 Pump is designed to sit on the pond's bottom. The Pond Guy…
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    $119.99 - 259.99
  • Atlantic TidalWave3 TT-Series Pumps


    (5 Reviews)

    * Ultra−High Efficiency Asynchronous Pump * Compact to fit the Tightest Spaces * Clog Resistent & Hard Water Tolerant Atlantic's all new TidalWave3 Asynchronous Pumps are the next generation of ultra-high efficiency asynchronous pumps with more water moved per watt than ever before! This…
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    $191.99 - 616.99
  • …need a pump that can produce about 4000 GPH at 5' of head pressure. The Pond Guy RapidFlo – 4000 GPH would be the perfect fit because at 5' of head pressure this pump produces 3900 GPH.Types of Pumps There are two classes of pumps submersible and external. For ponds submersible pumps are…
  • Aquascape Medium 11' x 16' Pond Kit w/AquaSurge Pro Pump


    (1 Reviews)

    …the landscape. AquaSurge 2000-4000 Adjustable Flow Pond Pump • Circulates Water from Skimmer to Waterfall • Provides Flow Rate up to 3947 GPH • Wirelessly Adjust Flow Rates of the Pump Aquascape AquaSurgePro Adjustable Flow Pond Pump 2000-4000 includes an integrated control panel with…
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  • The Pond Guy UltraUV & SolidFlo Combo


    (4 Reviews)

    …rely on chemical treatments. UltraUV Pond Clarifier • Vortex Design: Maximizes discolored water to high output UV exposure to clear water in as little as 48 hours. • Ideal For: Ponds and water features up to 5000 gallons and work with pumps up to 2650 GPH. • Includes: Mounting tabs to…
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    $224.98 - 440.98
  • Oase AquaMax Eco Classic Pumps


    (2 Reviews)

    …Classic waterfall pump moves debris from the pond bottom to the pond filter helping to maintain the ecosystem's health natural balance and beauty. It functions as the central point of the pond filtration center and features a large pre-filter (strainer) to catch large particles of pond debris (up to…
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    $190.99 - 298.99
  • Oase AquaMax Eco Premium Pumps

    * Versatile Filtration & Waterfall Pump * Creates Beautiful Water Displays of Various Heights * Adjustable Secondary Suction Control The Oase AquaMax Eco Premium is the most adaptable pump on the market ensuring water clarity by handling solids up to 3/8 and features adjustable dual inlets to…
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    $339.99 - 449.99
  • Aquascape AquaSurge Pond Pumps


    (17 Reviews)

    Pumps are the ideal choice for pond owners. The highly efficient high-flow submersible pump provides high torque trouble-free performance at head heights up to 20'. The AquaSurge pumps won't rust or corrode. Made for continuous use these pumps can be installed horizontally or vertically inside pump
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    $311.98 - 447.98
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