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5/8 Weighted

  • Airmax EasySet Weighted Airline


    (22 Reviews)

    …reach with Airmax EasySet Weighted Airline. Designed for underwater applications Airmax EasySet Weighted Airline rests on the bottom of your pond and is guaranteed not float even when filled with air. With a thick-wall and lead-free construction EasySet Weighted Airline creates a durable fish-safe…
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    $39.99 - 139.99
  • Airmax EasySet Airline Connector Kits


    (9 Reviews)

    …Clamps * Must Have For Aeration Installation * Fits Both Weighted & Direct Burial Airline A must have when running multiple spans or aeration airline Airmax EasySet Airline Connector Kits come complete with everything you need to join 3/8 or 5/8 airlines together. Every EasySet Airline Connector…
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    $4.99 - 6.99
  • …of different mesh sizes help in making sure you block out even the smallest leaves and pine needles. * 5/8 Mesh Netting - Premium Protective Pond Netting is made of woven nylon this 5/8 mesh netting is strong and durable. It is offered in sizes of 8 x 10 up to 30 x 30 and comes with an appropriate…