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  • Windmill 8' Tower Extension Box

    The Windmill 8' Tower Extension Box is a replacement tower for Outdoor Water Solutions Galvanized Windmills. Weighs 52 pounds and has a 3 year warranty.
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  • Atlantic TidalWave A-Series Pumps


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    …Volume Applications Atlantic TidalWave A-Series pumps are efficiently engineered for high-head and high-volume ponds. These water feature pumps have a rugged housing and a cast iron vortex impeller. Atlantic TidalWave A-Series pumps are ideal for large waterfalls or extra long stream applications.
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    $565.99 - 1494.99
  • …will be getting a lot of leaves however you will want to plan on covering your pond in the fall months or consider a kit that includes a skimmer box. The Pond Guy RapidFlo Ecosystem Pond Kit A perfect option if you want to mask nearby noise with the sound of falling water over a large waterfall or…
    …it back. Pond Rakes After cutting the weeds a rake will make removing the weeds a cinch. A pond rake pulls gathers and removes dead debris from the surface or the bottom of a pond. The Razer Rake is 36 inches wide and can be used as a floating rake or a subsurface rake. Simply attach the float for…
    …cold. Covering a corner of the pond with a piece of plywood and placing the de-icer under it will block the wind and hold in some heat. You can also try placing a bucket with the bottom cut out over the de-icer after the ice has formed. If you have complete ice cover simply fill a pan with boiling…
    …and shrimp algae from a gel-based block over a 7 day period. Play with their Food Did you know that you can train your fish? Fish naturally are wary of large shadows over the pond since they perceive them as predators. You can teach them that you are a friend – and not a foe – by feeding…
    …biological filtration from a pond up to 1000 gallons and work with pumps up to 1800 GPH. Step 2 – Grab your Tools and Start Digging Use a rope or garden hose to help you envision what your feature will look like when it is done. Avoid tight turns as it can become a location for water to spill…
    …are a popular addition to backyards everywhere. Perhaps you noticed a neighbor's pond during an evening walk helped a friend install a disappearing fountain or saw them on your favorite DIY show. Water gardens and decorative features bring many benefits to your outdoor living space. Here are just a
    …Are looking to send water cascading over a waterfall or run a small fountain or send water through a UV clarifier? * Fountains or Spitters typically require a smaller pump. Look for pumps in our Fountain & Spitter Pump category. * Waterfalls require a few more calculations to determine the size…
    …add a dramatic look to your pond but they also restrict circulation. In ponds with an island cove or irregular shorelines the oxygenated water created by a fountain may not reach isolated sections of your pond. Similar to aeration systems multiple pond water fountains or a combination of a fountain…
    …tranquility that the sound of a waterfall brings? Perhaps your neighbor recently put in a pond and you caught the pond building fever. Whatever your reason a pond will make an excellent addition to your outdoor living space. Whether you're still deciding on building a pond or you're ready to go…
    Dropping water levels can be a cause for panic for many pond owners. Determining if you have a leak finding it and then fixing it can seem like a daunting task. But do not worry; with a little detective work and these helpful tips you will get that pesky leak repaired. Start by tracking down the…
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