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    …bright colored lures or lures that rattle can attract fish that might otherwise dismiss your hook. Bait manufactures that have also taken into account the fact that your game fish can smell and taste are producing artificial baits that are scented to attract fish and taste appealing so the fish…
    …rocks are designed to be irregular in shape to give them a more realistic look. Because of this these rocks generally taper as real rock would. To account for this many manufacturers have listed the average interior dimensions at multiple heights to help guide you in finding the perfect rock. Since…
    …be looking at the PondSeries Aeration System. For ponds that are 13' deep a PS10 can aerate up to 1 acre but we still need to take shape in to account. Based on the schematics provided for each system a PS10 is recommended for square or circular ponds so this will not work. Instead the PS20 will…
    …the dead particles clump together and are then removed by your mechanical filter. When selecting a UV clarifier take your pond and pump size into account. If your pump is too large the particles will not be exposed to the UV radiation long enough to damage the cell walls. Another thing to keep in…
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