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Adding Fish To The Pond

    …more fish stress. You can accomplish this by adding The Pond Guy Stress Reducer Plus. You should also test pond water for acceptable pH and nitrate levels in the pond. Many potential issues can be avoided by simply maintaining a clean pond. Inspect Before You Select It is easy to get attached to
    fish habitats are the easiest and cleanest way to provide fish a safe home and are often more productive than natural habitats. Fish attractors will not decay or add to the muck at the bottom of the pond. Artificial fish habitats are designed to prevent hooks from snagging giving your fish time to
    …much to feed your fish.What to Feed Pond Fish To maintain a natural balance in your pond we recommend stocking a good ratio of prey to predator fish and adding minnows from time to time. If you need help read our pond stocking guide for tips on how to properly stock your fish. It's also important to
    …slowly adding only one or two pellets to the pond until your fish show interest. The ripple action will help get your fish's attention. Ponds with large amounts of fish will have more aggressive eaters due to increased competition and lack of natural resources. Ponds with fewer fish tend to eat less…
    to the body of the fish and cause irritation. Fish can be seen flashing or rubbing against objects and can have a sunken appearance. * Anchor Worm: These white string-like worms and their larvae can be introduced to your pond when adding new fish or aquatic plants. Once the worms have attached to
    …the best ways to prevent the fish from becoming ill in the first place. Be Proactive The first line of defense is keeping pond water clean and clear of debris fish waste and other organic material. If you are considering adding fish to your pond think about how many fish your pond can handle and…
  • Hikari Economy Fish Food


    (4 Reviews)

    Fish Food is a daily food for pond fish including koi providing them with the basic nutrition they require to live a long life. This koi and goldfish food includes floating pellets free of artificial colors and flavors that offer excellent value with added vitamins & minerals to give your fish the…
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    $33.49 - 131.99
  • …the pond and let float for 15-20 minutes. This allows fish to slowly adjust to water temperatures in your pond. Next open the bag and let the fish swim out on their own. If you are adding fish to a pond where fish are already present release minnows at one end of the pond to attract larger fish and…
    …Your Fish Do the Work: If you've been wondering what eats leeches here's your answer. With nowhere to hide leeches become tasty meals for your fish. Most any fish large enough to eat leeches will eat them but you may consider adding more aggressive fish like bass or redear sunfish to your pond.* Set…
    fish may be hiding. New To The Pond It's tough to move into a new pond. If you've recently added new koi or goldfish to your water garden you can expect them to be a bit shy or skittish. They need to check out their new home get used to having new roommates and adjust to a new way of life. The fish
  • The Pond Guy Growth & Vibrance Fish Food


    (72 Reviews)

    …The Pond Guy Growth & Vibrance Floating Fish Food contains a high protein color-enhancing diet to promote growth and intensify colors in koi. The high 38% protein fish food formula promotes growth while Spirulina and Stabilized Vitamin C are added for enhanced color. High protein fish food…
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    $15.99 - 149.99
  • …the pond. Adding pond water aeration is not only beneficial for your fish who need oxygen to survive but will also improve your pond's ecosystem. Below are the top five reasons you should consider adding aeration into your pond and the importance of aeration: 1. Aeration reduces pond muck As a pond
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