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Aeration For 300 Gallon Pond

  • Oase® AquaOxy 450


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    …Oxygen Supply For Ponds * Aerate Ponds up to 5000 Gallons * Energy Efficient Pump For Outdoor Use Oase® AquaOxy 450 pond aerator is ideal for water gardens and koi ponds up to 5000 gallons. The AquaOxy System provides a safe quiet and efficient way of increasing oxygen levels in the pond using a…
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  • …is best for your situation? It will depend on how many gallons your pond holds and if you're using it alone or with an aeration system. First here's what we recommend for de-icers based on the size of your pond: * Up to 250 gallons: 100 to 250 watt de-icer * 250 to 500 gallons: 300 watt de-icer…
  • Power House 1 HP Aerating Fountain (F1000F)

    * Aerates up to 1/2 Acre * Operates in Water as Shallow as 17 Deep * Available in 115V or 230V Power House F1000F is a 1 hp floating water fountain is ideal for any pond owner looking to prevent odor insects or unsightly debris can use our aerators to satisfy their pond needs and maintain beauty to…
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    $1507.50 - 2070.00
  • Oase® OxyTex

    …* For Ponds Up To 5000 Gallons * Grass-Like Fibers Creates A Healthy Environment The Oase® OxyTex pond air diffuser provides a natural aesthetic to your pond floor while increasing filter efficiency by up to 25%. Easily place the Oase® OxyTex over the Oase® AquaOxy 450 Aerator (sold…
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