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Aerator For Ponds

  • CrystalClear KoiAir Water Garden Aeration Kit


    (55 Reviews)

    …gardens and koi ponds. A powerful yet energy efficient dual diaphragm SilentAir Aeration Pump infuses your pond with fresh air while the virtually maintenance free membrane diffuser plate allows for maximum oxygen uptake. The EasySet Weighted Airline included with the koi pond aerator kits stays…
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    $279.99 - 559.98
  • Oase OxyTex

    …* For Ponds up to 5000 Gallons * Grass-Like Fibers Creates a Healthy Environment The Oase OxyTex pond air diffuser provides a natural aesthetic to your pond floor while increasing filter efficiency by up to 25%. Easily place the Oase OxyTex over the Oase AquaOxy 450 Aerator (sold separately) for
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  • CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kits


    (212 Reviews)

    …ideal for decorative ponds and water gardens up to 2000 gallons. Powered by highly efficient diaphragm compressors CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kits infuse your pond with valuable oxygen while remaining whisper-quiet and cost effective. An airflow control valve on the top of the pond aerator lets…
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    $54.99 - 129.98
  • The Pond Guy Pond Aerator


    (163 Reviews)

    * Enhance Oxygen Levels all Year * Ideal for Ponds up to 6000 Gallons * Energy Efficient Design for 24−7 Use * Greystone or Sandstone Boulder Cover is Optional The Pond Guy Pond Aerator is the ideal choice for aerating water gardens and koi ponds between 1000 and 6000 gallons. With the energy…
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    $169.99 - 307.98
  • Power House 1/2 HP Aerating Fountain (F500F)


    (3 Reviews)

    …volume to provide the additional benefit of aeration. Great for pond owners that want to add beauty to their pond while restoring water quality. Recommended for shallow ponds up to 1/4 acre with a minimum depth of 14-inches. The 115V or 230V floating pond fountain features a lightweight and rugged…
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    $1327.50 - 2020.00
  • Airmax SilentAir LR Series Aeration Compressors


    (No Reviews)

    …replacement for Airmax Shallow Water Series Aeration Systems or the powerhouse behind your own shallow pond or lake aeration project. Consisting of an extremely energy efficient electric motor and long lasting rubber diaphragms these aeration compressors are capable of aerating ponds up to a 1/2…
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    $349.99 - 499.99
  • …chance of fish kills algae blooms and thick pond muck - not something you want in your pond. We offer aeration options for ponds of all sizes and shapes. Choosing the best aeration system for your pond will depend on four basic factors: your pond's size its shape and its depth and your ability…
    …provided for each system a PS10 is recommended for square or circular ponds so this will not work. Instead the PS20 will provide proper aeration for ponds of a rectangular shape. Feeling stumped on how to find the right aeration system for your pond or have questions on calculating your pond volume?…
    …your pond unsightly for your backyard barbecue. Know which problems are highest on your list to address will help keep your treatment and goals focused. Make a Plan If you've been putting off installing an aeration system now is the time to get it started. Installing an aeration system in your pond
    …their population growth by stabilizing the water level in your pond and use basket traps or lift nets baited with meat to remove large numbers. Create a comfortable environment for crayfish by providing clean aerated water and some rocks for burrowing. They'll find their own food - or become food if…
    Why is my pond green? It's a question we hear a lot from pond owners and the answer is algae. Green water and string algae are a common problem for many pond hobbyists. But what causes algae in ponds? Algae is a result of an imbalance in your pond's ecosystem. When too many nutrients caused by…
    …using pond salt in your koi pond.* Pond Salt Benefits* The Right Type of Salt for Koi Ponds* Ideal Salt Level in Koi Ponds* Using Salt in Koi Ponds with Plants* Koi Salt TreatmentPond Salt Benefits From overall fish health to special treatment for sick fish there are plenty of pond salt benefits.…
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