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Air Bubbles

  • Windmill Replacement Air Stone

    The Air Stone is a critical component in the successful aeration of a pond or lake. The Air Stone turns air into thousands of tiny bubbles so that oxygen can dissolve into the water and improve its health. Diffusing air into the water can increase its effectiveness by over 1000%. Windmill…
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  • …Aeration Systems are recommended for deeper ponds to provide complete circulation. For these units the air is pushed through diffuser plates positioned at the bottom of the pond. As the air bubbles rise oxygenated water from the surface moves to the bottom creating a healthy aerobic pond ecosystem.…
    …is one many times where aeration kits are a valuable asset for anyone with a water garden. Aeration kits infuse oxygen by releasing tiny air bubbles from air stones or diffuser sticks which move the water allowing for gas exchange. During the winter we recommend moving the diffuser sticks to half…
    …with a cabinet that sits on the shore. The cabinet houses an energy efficient air compressor. This compressor is then connected to a diffuser plate(s) that sits on the bottom of the pond. These diffusers create small bubbles that not only allow for adequate aeration but also circulation. Many pond…
    …material has accumulated in your water garden. When this nutrient-laden water pours down your waterfall the air and water collide causing the proteins and other organics to be trapped inside bubbles rather than turning into ammonia and nitrites. A water change will quickly reduce that foamy buildup.…

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