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Airmax Products

  • Airmax Pond Dye Plus


    (176 Reviews)

    * 2−In−1 Pond Dye with Natural Bacteria * Shades & Protects Your Pond * 2 Shades Provide Same Protection Airmax Pond Dye Plus truly is two products in one combing the clarifying properties of dye with the natural cleaning power of beneficial bacteria found in PondClear. Pond Dye Plus…
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  • Airmax OdorCide


    (4 Reviews)

    …on fabric. OdorCide is safe enough for household use and strong enough for industrial odors. OdorCide is hypoallergenic non-staining and environmentally safe making it the perfect product for allergy and asthma sufferers. Recommended by hospitals animal clinics and professional cleaning services.
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    $3.99 - 37.99
  • Airmax EcoBoost


    (41 Reviews)

    …Natural Bacteria * Binds Phosphates & Other Toxins * Adds Trace Minerals to Promote Fish Health Airmax EcoBoost binds suspended organics and phosphates and when combined with our most popular product PondClear it is a great one-two punch to create clean and clear water in any pond. EcoBoost is…
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    $99.99 - 224.99
  • Airmax MuckAway


    (221 Reviews)

    …& Wildlife Have you ever waded into your pond or lake and your feet instantly sink into the slimy ooze? It can be a little alarming. Thankfully Airmax MuckAway makes sure you never have to feel that way again! MuckAway is a natural pond cleaner and muck remover that is cultured from common natural…
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    $89.99 - 349.99
  • Airmax Stock Tank Defense


    (15 Reviews)

    …Stock Tank Clean * Improve Water Clarity * Safe for Horses Livestock & Wildlife Airmax Stock Tank Defense contains all natural beneficial bacteria specially formulated for stock tanks. This all natural product will keep stock tanks clean clear and healthy. Easy-to-apply no-mess Stock Tank…
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    $9.99 - 29.99
  • Airmax Shoreline Defense


    (94 Reviews)

    …Weed Killer * Kills to The Roots * Long Term Control of Cattails Kill the roots of even the most persistent emergent aquatic weeds & grasses. Airmax Shoreline Defense is great for controlling cattails or any other plant growing above or out of the water. Apply directly to the foliage allowing it…
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    $31.99 - 103.99
  • Airmax 2-Inch Pressure Gauge


    (2 Reviews)

    The Airmax 2-inch Pressure Gauge measures backpressure and monitors system performance for Airmax® PondSeries and LakeSeries Aeration Systems.
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  • Airmax EcoSeries Stainless Housing

    Replacement Stainless Housing for Airmax EcoSeries 1/2 HP Fountains. Fits all models.
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  • Airmax EcoSeries Bearing Holder

    Replacement Bearing Holder for Airmax EcoSeries 1/2 HP Fountains. Fits all models.
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  • Airmax ProAir Diffuser Sleds

    The Airmax ProAir2 Diffuser Sled is a replacement part for the Airmax ProAir2 Membrane Diffuser Plate and the Airmax ProAir4 Diffuser Sled is a replacement part for the Airmax ProAir4 Diffuser Plate. *Please Note: The ProAir4 Membrane Diffuser Plate will require two sleds if both sides are damaged.
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  • Airmax Check Valve Assembly


    (1 Reviews)

    …Ensure Water Does Not Enter Airline * Fits ProAir & KoiAir Diffuser Plates * Clearly Marked For Easy Installation The Airmax Check Valve Assembly .750 NPT protects your Airmax Aeration Systems by preventing water from traveling up through your airline and into internal aeration components. The…
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  • Airmax Security Kits

    * Protect Your Investment * Simple Sleek Design * Easy To Use & Install Airmax Security Kits can be used to anchor your Airmax Aeration System to the ground. Designed for all Airmax Aeration System the Security Kits can protect your investment from unwanted guests. The Cabinet Security Stake Kit…
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    $19.99 - 109.99

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