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Algae Control In Koi Ponds

  • The Pond Guy® Heavy-Duty Pond Net Combo


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    …Versatile Options: The Telescopic Pole can quickly be installed onto The Pond Guy® Heavy-Duty Pond Nets including: Fish Net (included in combo), Sludge/Utility Net (included in combo), 24" Koi Net (sold separately), 30" Koi Net (sold separately) and Ultra Fine Skimmer Net (sold separately). -->
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  • Tadpoles - Pack of 10


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    * Natural Algae Control * Promotes Balanced Ecosystem * Great Addition For Pond & Water Gardens Observe the fascinating transformation from tadpole to froglet to frog right before your very eyes. Perfect for natural ponds, and koi ponds. Live tadpoles may be a mixture of Leopard Frogs, Bullfrogs…
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