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Algae Cutters

  • Jenlis Collapsible Razer Rake


    (6 reviews)

    …surface to reduce the amount of work required to clear your pond or lake. The rake head also accommodates a float to collect surface debris and algae. Jenlis Collapsible Razer Rake is designed to remove: • Weed roots to prevent re-growth of submerged weeds and roots • Debris floating on…
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  • The Pond Guy® 66 Extension Handle w/Splice


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    …handle is designed for use with The Pond Guy Pond & Beach Rake and The Pond Guy Weed Cutter. Use the extension handle to greatly expand your rake or cutter's reach and gain further control of weeds algae muck and debris. The durable aluminum material makes the handle lightweight and easy to…
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  • …turns into muck. Mechanical Control Pond skimmers and rakes with floats are best to rake or skim off floating weeds and algae from the surface of the water. A Weed Cutter and Weed Raker can remove emergent weeds like phragmites or the roots can be dug up but it will regrow from seeds and remaining…
    …like algae duckweed leaves or dead vegetation. A ¼ inch mesh net hangs down from a 5-foot wide float to clear a large section of the pond in one swipe. The included 24-foot rope can also be attached to the front of a boat. Weed Cutters After the weeds have died off use a weed cutter like the…
  • The Pond Guy® PondSkim™


    (19 reviews)

    …debris quickly with The Pond Guy® PondSkim™ Debris Skimmer! Simply drag across the surface of the water to collect floating debris like algae duckweed leaves or dead vegetation. The PondSkim™ measures 5 feet in width to cover optimal surface area and is constructed with an ultra…
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  • …from the pond using a weed cutter and rake. The Weed Cutter and The Pond & Beach Rake are perfect tools for the job. Removing dead vegetation will prevent all that decaying matter from becoming fertilizer for future growth.Hamper Weed and Algae Growth Weeds and algae are unfortunately not fully…
  • The Pond Guy® Pond & Beach Rake Gen 2


    (22 reviews)

    …Weed Cutter Jenlis Weed Razer™ Jenlis Weed Razer™ Express Jenlis Weed Razer™ Pro™ Jenlis Weed Raker™ Jenlis Collapsible Razer Rake Jenlis Muck Razer Heavy-Duty Pond Net Combo and The Pond Guy® PondSkim™. 3-In-1 Rake Cast & Retrieve Weed Algae &…
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  • …they're laid they hatch into mosquito larvae a.k.a. wigglers. The little half-inch larvae live on the water surface for four to 14 days and they eat algae plankton fungi and bacteria and other microorganisms that float by. As the little wigglers develop they molt four times and after the fourth molt…