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  • Airmax® Algae Defense® (formerly Pond Logic®)


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    …Quickly Eliminate Algae & Chara * Fast Acting Liquid Formula * Spray Directly Onto Algae Blooms Eliminate algae blooms and green water from your pond with Airmax Algae Defense. (formerly known as Pond Logic Algae Defense) A fast-acting liquid pond algaecide formula Algae Defense can be directly…
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    $39.99 - 49.98
  • MossBack Fish Habitat™ Deep Water Bundles

    …Trophy Tree XL Resembles the look and feel of the natural cover of a tree laying on its side. The V-Shaped adjustable limbs promote and maintain algae growth while significantly reducing angler snagging when going after trophy fish. Each Trophy Tree is made of (1) 60-inch Scuffed PVC Trunk (12)…
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    $659.99 - 1669.99
  • …beneficial bacteria are aerobic and need oxygen to survive. These bacteria consume the excess nutrients in your pond which act as fertilizer for algae growth. Aeration makes these bacteria work harder to clean up your pond leading to a cleaner pond with less build-up in the water column or at the…
    …decompose and as it does gasses will be released into the water column. Moreover those excess nutrients act as a fertilizer and will fuel winter algae growth. During these frigid months of the year keeping the pond oxygenated and keeping a hole open in the ice means the difference between life and…