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Algae Defense Booster

  • Airmax® Algae Defense® (formerly Pond Logic®)


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    …Airmax Algae Defense. (formerly known as Pond Logic Algae Defense) A fast-acting liquid pond algaecide formula Algae Defense can be directly applied via a pressurized sprayer to combat floating filamentous algae chara or the planktonic algae that causes green water. Each gallon of Algae Defense pond…
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  • …EcoBoost™: This bacteria booster that has no temperature restrictions so it can be used year-round to bind phosphates that find their way into your pond or lake. You can use EcoBoost™ throughout the spring to give you a head start on pond season. * Algae Defense®: To be used only as…
    …could compromise fish health and cut off sunlight to underwater plants.Treat Effectively Short Term: Ultra PondWeed Defense® or Propeller™ used with Treatment Booster™ Plus are your go-to herbicide products for short-term control of duckweed and other invasive aquatic weeds. These…