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Algae Light

  • PondmasterSubmersible Ultraviolet Clarifier


    (20 Reviews)

    …sterilizing UV rays. This ultraviolet light for ponds has a specific wavelength of light which inhibits algae from reproducing by damaging its DNA which prevents it from reproducing and also kills parasites in the waters body. PondMaster's Halo Ring feature lights up and immediately shows you that…
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    $154.99 - 227.99
  • TetraPond GreenFree UV Clarifier Quartz Sleeves

    …quartz sleeves in your TetraPond GreenFree UV Clarifier. Each quartz sleeve comes with rubber o-rings to form a water tight seal. We recommend cleaning your quartz sleeve at least twice a year with warm vinegar. A clean quartz sleeve allows the UV light to be more effective in controlling algae.
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    $34.99 - 54.99
  • …waste will lead to increased muck buildup which is what algae loves to eat and cloudy water. The overabundance if debris can also have an effect on the ammonia and pH levels of the water. What to do if you get algae? If you do end up with an algae bloom in the summer make sure to use a product that…
  • Savio Stainless Steel UVinex Clarifier Full Unit


    (1 Reviews)

    * Protect Your Pond Against Green Water * For Savio Skimmers * Simple Plug-In Installation Keep algae and other unsightly pond mess away with Savio UVinex UV systems. Ultra violet light destroys algae organisms and damages them to the point where they cannot reproduce in your pond reducing the need…
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    $259.99 - 379.99
  • …UV light bulbs should be replaced yearly – even if they still light up – since they become less effective at controlling discolored water over time. * Ionizers: Copper ionizers for ponds are designed to release copper ions into the water to keep it clear and reduce string algae buildup.…
  • Power House 1/2 HP Aerating Fountain (F500F)


    (3 Reviews)

    …power cord in lengths ranging from 50 - 350 feet. GFI required for installation. The beauty can be enhanced at night with optional LED light kits (sold separately). 2-Year warranty on fountain and lights. For ponds with excess floating debris or algae an optional large float cage is recommended.
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    $1575.00 - 2125.00
  • Aquascape UltraKlear UV Clarifier/Sterilizer


    (1 Reviews)

    …swirl sleeve channels water around the bulb maximizing the contact time between green water algae. The higher UV output from the bulb targets the algae in a smaller/shorter space allowing the UV light to penetrate deeper into the water increasing efficiency up to 50 % over traditional UV clarifiers.…
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    $207.98 - 303.98
  • Aquashade - 1 Gallon


    (34 Reviews)

    …blue and yellow dyes which shades specific portions of the sunlight spectrum (red-orange and blue-violet) required by underwater aquatic plant and algae growth. This aqua blue pond dye creates shading that inhibits photosynthesis in young bottom growth and may prevent development altogether if the…
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  • Savio UV Replacement Bulbs


    (2 Reviews)

    …Pond Water * Reduces The Need For Chemicals Keep algae and other unsightly pond mess away with Savio UV units. Savio Uvinex UV bulbs are designed to deliver optimal filtration and reduce your dependence on pond chemicals. Ultraviolet light destroys algae organisms and damages them to the point where…
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    $154.99 - 169.99
  • …no nutrients to feed the algae in a fish pond it will eventually die off. Beneficial bacteria cultivate on surfaces such as your filter pads. Cleaning your filter pads too much – meaning daily or weekly – can wash away your beneficial bacteria. Instead lightly rinse the pads if the water…
    …the intensity of your light is fading or the bulb burned out replace the bulbs or give those lenses a good scrubbing as they can accumulate debris or algae overtime. Do not use chemicals or household cleaning agents on your lighting. We also recommend cleaning lighting during your spring clean-out.
    …commonly mistaken for and treated as if it is algae. Unfortunately algaecides have no effect on duckweed but there are a couple treatments you can do to keep the prolific duckweed at bay. Identify: Duckweed or Watermeal? Duckweed is a very small light green free-floating plant with a single…
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