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Algaecide Safe For Fish

  • API Clear Pond Essential Bundle

    …Algae Growth • Formulated for Fountains and Water Gardens • Does Not Contain Copper Safe for Koi AlgaeFix is a copper-free EPA-registered pond algaecide that helps resolve algae problems and controls the formation of new algae. 1 teaspoon for every 50 gallons works fast to effectively…
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  • CrystalClear PondShock


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    …times of change such as spring start-up after using an algaecide after a storm after a fish spawn or when new fish have been added. PondShock also helps jump-start your biological filters in the spring to reduce ammonia spikes when new fish are added to the pond. A great alternative to chemicals…
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  • …possible environment for beneficial bacteria improving overall water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife. While beneficial bacteria exist naturally in just about every aquatic environment in many cases they cannot keep up with the demand of most ponds and lakes. To compensate for this bacteria…
    fish safe. Pay Attention Give your fish a boost with quality nutrition like Spring & Fall Fish Food in cooler months or Growth & Vibrance Fish Food in the summer. Fish feeding is also a great way to get to know them and what is normal or abnormal behavior. When visiting the pond look for
    for aquatic use have none of these warnings because they have not been tested for their effects on the pond habitat. In fact some products can actually be considered a contaminant to the aquatic environment - and you don't want that right? Obey the EPA Even if you don't consume your game fish swim…
    safe for agriculture and irrigation purposes. Immediately after treatment you can use your pond for recreation fishing and other activities. While it's not recommended for ponds that provide drinking water for humans it's safe for swimming as well as watering horses livestock birds pets fish and…
    …make it easier to catch your fish with the least amount of stress for all involved. The Gear To prepare your fish's winter home you'll need some special supplies including: * Stock Tank or Holding Tank: The Container you choose to hold your fish should be made of fish safe materials and be cleaned…
    …solution for maintaining a clean and healthy pond naturally and is safe to use in ponds with fish and other wildlife. Barley can be used during the winter months when other pond treatments are ineffective. Barley products are available in a variety of different forms:* Barley straw for ponds* Barley…
    …snails will need a bit of time to get used to their new home. Just like fish it is best to acclimate them slowly especially in chilly early-season waters. Add some pond water to the bag and float or hold them in the water for a few minutes out of direct sunlight. Once acclimated leave them in a…
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