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All In One Fountain

  • The Pond Guy MagFlo Pumps


    (72 Reviews)

    …Multiple fountain heads included to make your pond unique. Use with the The Pond Guy Pump Buddy to reduce maintenance time. Looking for smaller water pumps for ponds? Try the MagFlo Mini 210 GPH or the MagFlo 290 GPH. Need help selecting a pump? Click here to get in touch with one of our experieced…
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    $59.99 - 199.99
  • …problems that are causing the algae bloom in a pond and working towards solutions are key to achieving a clean and balanced pond that will keep your neighbors green with envy.Problem: Too Many Fish Solution: As it turns out one of the primary causes of algae in fish ponds are the fish. They are a…
    …this is especially important if your pond is in direct sunlight. Just keep in mind that when the plants die back to remove them so they do not decompose and become muck. * Filtration – Filtering your water keeps it clean clear and safe for all your aquatic friends. Ponds with heavy fish loads…
  • Fountain Mooring Kit


    (15 Reviews)

    * Great For Floating Fountains * Includes Everything You Need * Keeps Your Fountain Stable In One Place Fountains often move around with the wind and waves of the water. Now anchoring your fountain in place is easy with a Fountain Mooring Kit. Each kit includes all necessary mooring supplies: two…
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    $99.99 - 199.99
  • Atlantic Fountain Basins


    (10 Reviews)

    * Designed to Support Decorative Fountains * Built-In Channels Simplify Installation * One Piece Basin Provides Exceptional Strength Atlantic Fountain Basins can be used when installing decorative fountains such as the Color Changing Vase Fountains. The basins are the strongest and best designed on…
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    $155.99 - 406.99
  • Millstone Fountain Kit


    (1 Reviews)

    …The stone fountains are hand carved in a swirl or angled pattern and come in several sizes. Kits include your choice of colored polished pebbles to fit your landscape and personal style preferences. Installation is a breeze since these fountain kits come ready to install with all the necessary…
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    $1099.99 - 1999.99
  • Zen Fountain Kits

    …appearance of this delightful fountain will complement any garden. The kit includes: fountain a 36 basin mag-drive pump 160 lbs of polished pebbles and all plumbing and tubing components. This fountain measures 18 X 18 12 high. Decorative pond pebbles are 1-3 in size. Each 40 pound bag will cover…
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  • Rustic Basalt Fountain Kits


    (1 Reviews)

    in three hours or less. These pre-assembled fountain kits can be a single solitary basalt column or better yet grouped together to create a group of three fountains at different heights ranging from 18H to 30H. Each Basalt Fountain is carved from real stone for a natural look to provide all the…
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    $899.99 - 2249.99
  • Fountain Filter Sock


    (7 Reviews)

    Fountain from large debris with the Fountain Filter Sock. Constructed with durable 1/8 mesh fabric and 1 filtration media the pond fountain filter sock will stop debris from entering into the motor. Simply set the motor into the Fountain Filter Sock and pull the sewn-in drawstring to secure it in
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  • Creeping Maple Tree Fountain Kit

    …Tree Fountain has hand cut leaves and is individually crafted in England to give each Tree a unique one of a kind look. The Creeping Maple Tree can be purchased as a complete kit or separtely. The Fountain Kit will include the 30 copper tree pump basin stainless steel mesh pump bag and all the…
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    $6669.99 - 7999.99
  • Copper Sequoia Tree Fountain Kit

    …Tree Fountain is a beautiful way to mix art and water in any garden or landscape. This unique water feature reaches 40 high with individually handcrafted copper leaves. This one of a kind art piece can be purchased as a complete fountain kit or as a single copper tree. The fountain kit includes…
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    $1999.99 - 2949.99
  • Atlantic TidalWave FP-Series Fountain Pumps


    (5 Reviews)

    * Removable Pre−Filter * Integrated Flow Adjustment * Small Pond Fountain Pump Atlantic's TidalWave Mag Drive FP-Series Fountain Pumps offer everything you want in a small pump line with large sturdy pre-filters integrated flow controls versatile baseplates and small diameter power plugs.…
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    $37.99 - 98.99
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