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All In One Submersible Pump

  • The Pond Guy® ClearSolution™ G2 Filter System


    (106 reviews)

    …nozzle all together and discharge the filtered water below the pond's surface or exclusively to a waterfall allowing the filter to become virtually unnoticed. The pump and UV have been integrated allowing for a single power cord. Fountain set includes 3 nozzles to choose from. Available in two…
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    $149.99 - 189.99
  • ShinMaywa® Norus® Submersible Pumps


    (17 reviews)

    …Impeller Handles Solids & Debris ShinMaywa Norus Submersible Fountain Pumps are one of the most reliable and durable pumps sold in today's water garden market. On the outside this ShinMaywa pump has a unique hardware design made of fiberglass in addition to its cast aluminum bearing housing…
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    $349.00 - 859.00
  • Sequence® 1000 Pump Series


    (1 reviews)

    …is made for continuous use with minimal electrical consumption. Built with durability in mind all 1000 Pump Series features a fan-cooled motor dry-run resistant seals and stainless-steel hardware to outlast submersible pumps. All units are available in 115V or 230V and come with an 8' power cord.
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    $610.94 - 707.61
  • Oase® Waterfall Pump


    (12 reviews)

    in a skimmer or camouflages easily within a pond or water feature. Maintenance is a breeze with no tools required and quick access to the pumps moving parts. The pumps' back-spitting feature allows for self-cooling (1650 - 5150 models only) and it's robust design offers maximum durability. Pumps
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    $151.99 - 494.99
  • Sequence® 4000 Pump Series


    (1 reviews)

    …4000 PumpSeriesproduce a maximum flow rate with minimal electrical consumption and last longer then submersible pumps. Get up to 8220 GPH and pressures up to 22' using only 450 watts of power. Made in the USA and are specially designed for long term continuous duty. Each model comes complete with 8'…
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    $644.59 - 832.33
  • Atlantic™ TidalWave Pump Protector


    (1 reviews)

    …damage a pump is to run it while it is not fully submersed in water. Water levels can be difficult to monitor especially when the pump is hidden away inside a pump vault or skimmer box where clogged filtration can restrict water flow leading to low water levels or even causing the pump to run dry.…
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  • Tsurumi® Water Feature Pump Series

    …waterfalls and fountains. This submersible water pump is made of corrosion-resistant material fiberglass reinforced plastic impeller volute and top cover that will pass up to 1.4 solid. The vertical pump fits perfectly in skimmers when paired with an optional check valve. All models are 115V with a…
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    $294.00 - 1124.00
  • The Pond Guy® SuperFlo™ Pump

    …Oil-Free Design * This lightweight pump weighs only 24 lbs. making it easy to remove when needed or to lower in a pump vault during installation. * The oil-free design prevents pond contamination. * SuperFlo pumps are designed so that all the water they pump goes past the motor. This extends the…
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    $899.99 - 969.99
  • Sequence® Champion Primer Pump Series

    …strainer basket helps protect the pump from damage due to external debris being pulled in while an internal diffuser allows the motor to continue to move water even when there is some air in the line. All Sequence Champion Primer Pumps are available in 115V or 230V with 8' power cord stainless…
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    $1062.50 - 1124.85
  • …this pump produces 3900 GPH.Types of Pumps There are two classes of pumps submersible and external. For ponds submersible pumps are preferred because they can be hidden easily and used in skimmer boxes. There several varieties of pumps available so below is guide to help you determine which one is…
  • The Pond Guy® SolidFlo™ G2 Pump


    (62 reviews)

    …asynchronous pump housed in a low profile design. The Pond Guy SolidFlo G2 Pump perfectly pairs with pressure filters UVs waterfalls and streams. The sturdy pre-filter pump enclosure is designed to keep out large debris while allowing particles up to 1/4 pass through. The SolidFlo G2 Pump is…
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    $119.99 - 249.99
  • Pondmaster® Magnetic Drive Utility Pump 190


    (3 reviews)

    …Adjustable Flow Control The Pondmaster Magnetic Drive - 190 submersible or in-line pump provides a continuous stream of water with an adjustable flow control. The motor is epoxy filled wiping out the possibility of water getting in or leaking anything into the pond. The small design provides…
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