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  • CrystalClear Algae D-Solv


    (142 Reviews)

    …Will Not Harm Fish or Ornamental Plants CrystalClear Algae D-Solv is an EPA registered algaecide to control active algae blooms in self-contained aquariums ornamental ponds and fountains without any outflow. Algae D-Solv pond and fountain algaecide is used to control green water string or hair algae…
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    $14.99 - 109.99
  • Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealer


    (30 Reviews)

    * Repair Liner Without Draining * Full Cure In 24 Hours * Use In Wet Or Dry Conditions Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Underwater Sealer instantly repairs leaks in rubber and vinyl liners concrete stone wood plastic glass and ceramic underwater! Gold Label Pond Sealant can be used in wet or dry…
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    $21.99 - 39.99
  • The Pond Guy Aqua Gloves


    (28 Reviews)

    …Gloves are latex-free and made with of the finest PVC material for maximum strength and protection allowing you to safely handle pond stones and aquarium coral. Fiber-reinforced sleeves with elastic cuffs ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Measuring 28 in length The Pond Guy Aqua Gloves provide…
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  • CrystalClear WipeOut Bacterial Control


    (9 Reviews)

    …bacterial diseases that can occur from poor water conditions overcrowding or abrasions from predators. CrystalClear WipeOut is perfect to use in ponds for both koi & goldfish but can also be used for common aquarium fish species. CrystalClear WipeOut is safe to use in ponds with fish and plants.
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  • Pond Armor Pond Shield Non-Toxic Epoxy Pond Liner 1.5 Gallons


    (No Reviews)

    …concrete shotcrete gunnite cement wood steel aluminum tile stone and rock. Use this product to waterproof a wide variety of water features aquariums and pools. Pond-Shield is strong but flexible coating resists mimic cracking in concrete. This product can be used in chlorinated and saltwater…
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  • …level stabilizes. Your water will stop leaking once it is lower than the hole so check the first few inches of the liner above the water surface. Once you find the hole patch it up or use some Pond & Aquarium Sealer. The sealer can be used in wet or dry conditions making it the perfect option.
    …your local pet store. Some of our favorites include: Comets/Sarasa: Colorful and active these varieties of goldfish are distinguished from their aquarium cousins by their long single and deeply forked tail fin. In optimal conditions their tails can grow up to 2 feet in length! Comets typically have…
    …De-Icer is not a heater but is designed to maintain an open hole in the ice to allow for gas exchange. Heaters are more frequently used in aquariums particularly those that house warm-water fish like Tetras Danios or Angelfish. In your pond the fish will overwinter just fine without a heater--even…
    …cuisine among foodies (etouffees anyone?) and larger fish like bass and bluegill. Crayfish and dwarf crayfish are also kept as colorful pets in aquariums. Welcome Residents Crayfish can make a fun addition to your pond. They nibble on aquatic plants so they help control weed growth. They eat…
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