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  • Aquathol® Aquatic Herbicides


    (3 reviews)

    …Great For Use In Turbid Ponds Aquathol® aquatic herbicide effectively eliminates a wide variety of submerged weeds. As potency is unaffected by surrounding organics, Aquathol® is a great choice for use in turbid water with excess organic debris. Aquathol® can be used on water bodies with…
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    $139.99 - 319.99
  • Pond Logic® Algae Defense®


    (38 reviews)

    * Quickly Eliminate Algae & Chara * Fast Acting Liquid Formula * Spray Directly Onto Algae Blooms Eliminate algae blooms and green water from your pond with Pond Logic® Algae Defense®. A fast-acting, liquid, pond algaecide formula, Algae Defense® can be directly applied via a…
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    $39.99 - 49.98
  • Pond Logic® WipeOut™


    ( reviews)

    * Controls Persistent Pond Weeds All Season * Effective On Floating & Submerged Weeds * Treats Entire Body Of Water In A Single Application Pond Logic® WipeOut™ is perfect for fresh water farm ponds and lakes with minimal water outflow that battle persistent pond weeds year after year.…
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    $89.99 - 1599.99