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Artificial Structure

  • Porcupine® Fish Attractor Spheres - 3 Pack


    (5 reviews)

    …encourage baitfish and increase survival rates by providing refuge and shade for young fish. Best of all, lures will not get hung up on this structure. Each sphere contains 26 holes for ½" PVC (PVC not included). Simply cut different lengths of PVC pipe and glue directly into the sphere.…
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  • Pond King Honey Hole Shrubs

    * Create an Underwater Habitat * Promote Survival of Juvenile Fish * Designed for Shallow Water The Honey Hole Shrub Fish Attractor boosts baitfish production and survival of juvenile fish. Plankton and insect larvae quickly cling to the limbs to provide an abundant food source. Made out of a poly…
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    $159.99 - 1559.99
  • Pond King Honey Hole Trees


    (1 reviews)

    * Attract Game Fish & Increase Spawning * Great For Use In Deep Water * Includes 93 Flexible Snag Free Limbs The Honey Hole Tree fish attractor imitates a natural 6' x 7' area of cover that can be used in ponds and lakes with little natural habitat. Honey Hole Trees encourage growth rates of…
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    $199.99 - 1889.99
  • Pond King Spawning Discs

    * Increase Fish Hatching by 300-400% * 20" Poly Concave Disc * Will Not Rot Overtime, Environmentally Friendly Create a self-sustaining fishery by increasing reproduction of game fish. Each Spawning Disc is a 20" concave poly disc that is elevated off the bottom of the pond on a 9" PVC stake.…
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    $74.99 - 249.99
  • Live Koi Packages


    (2 reviews)

    * Beautiful Koi Delivered To Your Door * Four Package Options To Fit Your Needs * Free Air Delivery To Ensure Koi Safety Near import quality koi are delivered directly to your doorstop! The brood stock for our fish was hand-selected by top Japanese breeders and raised in identical conditions. As a…
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    $299.99 - 549.99
  • Nycon Fish Spawning Incubator

    * Protect Fish Eggs & Small Fry * Polyester Net with Polyethylene Floating Ring * 18" Diameter x 18" Deep Provide a safe haven for fish to spawn and successfully produce fry with this fish egg incubator that we have for sale. Constructed of fish-friendly polyester fur and fine mesh, the Fish…
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