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Atlantic Filter Falls

  • Atlantic® FilterFalls Big Bahama Pro Series


    (2 reviews)

    * Add Bio−filtration To Your Pond * Great For Medium to Large Ponds * Add The Sound of Falling Water Enjoy the beauty of a natural falls in your waterscape with Atlantic FilterFalls Big Bahama Pro Series. Beyond creating the visual qualities of a waterfall FilterFalls units provide biological…
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    $358.99 - 695.99
  • Atlantic® Matala Filter Media Pad Kits


    (2 reviews)

    …Filtration * Fits Atlantic Filter Falls * No Cutting or Measuring Required Atlantic Matala Filter Media Pad Kits are replacement filter media pads that fit the Atlantic FilterFalls Oasis & Big Bahama Pro Series. Customize your FilterFalls with three-stage Matala Filter Media Pad Kits. Coarse…
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    $60.99 - 166.99
  • Atlantic® Oasis 16 FilterFalls

    * 2−In−1 Bio Filter & Waterfall Spillway * Built For Ponds Up To 1250 Gallons * Heavy-Duty 1½ Bulkhead The Atlantic 16 Inch FilterFalls is a high quality waterfall filter that is part of the Oasis Series. The Oasis Series offers the same quality and performance as contractor…
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  • Atlantic® Colorfalls Basin Kit

    ( reviews)

    * Perfect Fit for Atlantic Colorfalls * Complete Plumbing Kit * Add the Sound of Falling Water Atlantic Basin Kits are designed to fit perfectly with all of Atlantic's formal spillways including the Colorfalls and the Color Changing Waterfall Weirs. Whatever your project is the Basin Kit provides…
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    $632.99 - 955.99
  • …AllClear™ Ecosystem Pond Kit is designed with maximum filtration in mind. This kit includes an AllClear™ Pressurized Filter and ClearSpring™ Mini Waterfall Filter that provide mechanical biological and UV filtration. If your pond will be in full sun or have a larger fish population…
    …They range between 22 x 19 x 3 and 42 x 36 x 5. * Atlantic™ Rock Lids: Camouflage your gadgets with rocks colored to match the bona fide rocks in your region. Atlantic™ Rock Lids are available in Small and Medium. These sizes fall between the size and height of the TrueRock™…