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Attracting Frogs

    …for your aquatic life above and below the waterline offering food and shelter. Fish and snails can hang out around the leaves and stems while frogs hunt for bugs or hide in the shade. The leaves stems and root systems of underwater plants give your pond life safe places to spawn and lay their…
  • Aqua Ultraviolet Frog Spitter with UV


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    * Decorative Frog Statuary * UV Bulb Clears Water * Easily Connects to Existing Pump The Aqua Ultraviolet Frog UV Spitter is an ultraviolet water clarifier that makes an attractive addition to your water garden. Featuring 3/4 inlet easily connects into existing statuary pump and filter using 3/4…
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    $280.00 - 409.50
  • …lake. These frogs and toads can get quite boisterous as they let out calls that can be heard from miles away. It is not the warm weather or a particularly good day that makes frogs and toads sing however. When toads and frogs call out they are actually trying to attract a mate. Both frogs and toads…
    Healthy ponds tend to attract all types of creatures to your backyard some more desirable than others. Snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina) are large freshwater turtles that make their homes in ponds and streams with plenty of room and food. When encountered in the water they typically slip…
    Ponds attract all types of creatures to your pond some more desirable than others. Muskrats geese snapping turtles raccoons and herons may make a list of animals you do not want on your property. We will discuss different predator control strategies based on the type of animal you may want to keep…
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