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Auto Fill System

  • Blue Thumb Basin Kit For Medium Formal Falls w/ LED Light

    …waterfall and wall behind the falls creating a cool display while making it more accessible for maintenance and replacement. Looking to install an auto fill valve to maintain the water level? The pre-installed spin welds are located on the left and right side to make installation fast and easy so…
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  • …to pick the pump that will fit your waterfall or stream. If your pond is in a drier climate and get lots of evaporation these kits are a good option to consider as they include the Atlantic Skimmer Auto Fill Valve. Simply connect it to an irrigation line to maintain your desired water level.
    …for a replacement pump if your reservoir dries up. To keep your feature functioning properly occasionally check the water level or install an auto fill valve. Simply connect this kit to any garden hose or ½ irrigation line and it will replace any water lost to splashing or evaporation. *…
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