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  • Salvinia

    …Free Floating Fern * Spongy Velvety Pale Green Leaves * Great For Small Water Gardens Salvinia (also known as Cat's Tongue) is a fern much like Azolla. The spongy velvety leaves are pale green and approximately 1/4 inch in diameter. This tiny floating plant is great for small water gardens to shade…
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  • Airmax Ultra PondWeed Defense Aquatic Herbicide


    (59 Reviews)

    * Broad Spectrum Pondweed Control * Fast Acting Liquid Formula * Short Term Control of Duckweed Airmax Ultra Pondweed Defense works on pond weeds including submerged floating and emergent weeds. This pond herbicide may be used for short term control of Duckweed in slow moving water. Use pond weed…
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