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Bacteria Boost

  • CrystalClear® BioClarifier™


    (3 reviews)

    …Suspended Dead Debris * Boosts Biological Filters CrystalClear® BioClarifier™ (formerly known as Biological Clarifier™) naturally removes and controls sludge odor grime debris and decaying leaves. BioClarifier™ is designed with billions of bacteria colonies and 6 added enzymes.…
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    $19.99 - 319.99
  • Airmax® EcoBoost™ (formerly Pond Logic®)


    (25 reviews)

    …run-off from lawn fertilizers storm drains or has a muck problem. EcoBoost is not affected by water temperature and continues to work from winter to summer. So even in the colder months when bacteria are less active the trace minerals found in EcoBoost keep bacteria colonies rejuvenated and active.
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    $99.99 - 224.99
  • CrystalClear® PondShock™


    (72 reviews)

    …* Boosts Pond When Water Becomes Cloudy & Discolored * Safe for Use In All Ponds CrystalClear® PondShock™ ball is fortified with billions of all-natural live bacteria and enzymes to rapidly break down ammonia nitrites and organic waste. Designed to give your pond an extra boost it…
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  • Aquascape® Automatic Dosing System for Ponds

    …Beneficial Bacteria Phosphate Binder Flocculent & Detoxifier Maintain for Ponds water treatment pouch can be used on a daily basis to achieve optimum water quality. It contains a combination of a powerful blend of beneficial bacteria phosphate binder flocculent and pond detoxifier. The bacteria
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  • …you need to care for your pond for a full six months. Help Out the Beneficial Bacteria To give the microorganisms a performance boost add an aeration system to the pond and increase the water's circulation. Aerobic bacteria require oxygen to live thrive and reproduce. An aeration system such as an…
    …before you begin to feed them.Step 10 - Clean up & add natural bacteria. Give your pond a boost by adding your first dose of Seasonal Defense. This cold water beneficial bacteria helps replenish winter bacteria loss to further boost biological filters and break down waste. Follow up with routine…
    …treatments like algaecides or water clarifiers. They're not necessary particularly if you use beneficial bacteria stress reducer and an aeration system. * Boost Your Bacteria: Natural beneficial bacteria like those found in The Pond Guy Liquid Clear™ will keep your tank water clean (and give…
    …a one-two punch of beneficial bacteria and aeration. Beneficial Bacteria Billions of beneficial bacteria already live in your pond and work hard to break down pond muck but if you have large amounts of it they are probably overworked and outnumbered. You can boost their numbers with regular doses…
    …their growth. 3. Aeration boosts dissolved oxygen levels Oxygen is needed from pond water aeration to sustain your fish but it is also needed by your beneficial bacteria. Aeration is important because without oxygen your pond will go into an anaerobic state. Anaerobic bacteria are not as efficient…
    …consider going up a size when purchasing a filtration system.Once you have proper filtration be sure you have adequate circulation in your pond to boost oxygen levels to improve the health of the fish. Traditional waterfalls are a great start but may not be enough for the size of your pond. Consider…
    …microorganisms seed your filter media with PL Gel and add Nature's Defense® to the water. Boosting dissolved oxygen levels in the pond can also be helpful with a simple aeration kit.Maintain Bacteria Levels In the early spring when established ponds are waking up after a long winter a similar…