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Barley Straw Liquid

  • CrystalClear® Barley Extract


    (8 reviews)

    …Debris Barley Extract is the natural solution to maintaining a clean and healthy pond all year long. Faster than barley pellets and cleaner than straw bales, Barley Extract is a powerful liquid concentrate that works fast. With Barley Extract for ponds, you can enjoy the benefits of barley straw
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    $9.99 - 109.99
  • The Pond Guy® Barley Extract


    (38 reviews)

    …of barley straw without the mess! The Pond Guy® Barley straw extract for ponds is the natural solution to maintaining clean, healthy, and clear pond water all year long. Barley Extract works faster than barley pellets and is cleaner than barley straw bales. The powerful liquid concentrate…
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    $11.99 - 59.99