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Basin Cover

  • Aquascape Medium Scalloped Urn Landscape Fountain Kit

    …a Fire Fountain Add-On Kit at the top of the urn. Not looking for fire but want to highlight the fountain at night? Consider installing three garden spotlights to sit on top of the basin. Polished pebbles can also be used to cover the basin so the fountain kit can blend into your existing landscape.
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  • Aquascape AquaBasin 45

    …to remove the cover for pump access. The large size of the corner access is compatible with larger pumps and is the area is elevated to prevent gravel from falling into the basin during pump maintenance. Drillable Deck Cylinders Drillable deck cylinders across the top of the basin provide endless…
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  • Zen Fountain Kits

    …fountain will complement any garden. The kit includes: fountain a 36 basin mag-drive pump 160 lbs of polished pebbles and all plumbing and tubing components. This fountain measures 18 X 18 12 high. Decorative pond pebbles are 1-3 in size. Each 40 pound bag will cover approximately a 30 x 30 area.
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  • Aquascape Fire Fountains

    …element of fire at the center of the basin. Creating an elegant focal point and ambience for nighttime enjoyment. The burner system comes with everything you need expect fire fuel. Includes fire pot holder stainless steel fire pot wick wick ring and fire pot cover. Included Fountain Pump • Adds…
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    $525.98 - 709.98
  • …for keeping your waterfall looking its best: * Say Hello to Bacteria - Though you will not have fish waste or decomposing leaves in your basin since it is covered nutrients can still accumulate and lead to algae growth. Regularly using a beneficial bacteria such as FeatureClear will be an essential…
  • Atlantic Pump Vault


    (1 Reviews)

    …one-piece rotomolded Pump Vaults offer all the strength and versatility you need for your Pond-free projects. Liberal volumes and copious flow capacities handle multiple pump configurations and larger pumps while strong tightly-fitting covers and generous openings provide easy pump and pipe access.
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    $203.99 - 425.99
  • Aquascape Automatic Dosing System for Fountains


    (2 Reviews)

    …water conditions. Faux Oak Stump Cover (Sold Separately) Once the Automatically Dosing System is installed near your water feature you can hide the control panel with Aquascape's Faux Oak Stump Cover. Made of a heavy-duty poly-resin this durable hollow cover features an extremely realistic oak…
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  • …at night. Step 6 – Finishing Touches Trim the liner and underlayment. Leave about 6-8 so you can roll the edge under the liner. Finish the edge and secure the liner by covering with gravel. Fill up your basin and get ready to plug in the pump. Now kick back relax and enjoy your new stream!
    …build a pond! Now it's time to pick out which pond kit is the right fit. Before you start digging make a plan for the design of your pond. What size basin and waterfall are you looking to build? Selecting a pond kit is a big decision so if you have any questions give us call at 866-766-3435 and one…
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