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Basin Matrix

  • Atlantic Eco-Blox Basin Matrix


    (6 Reviews)

    …Harvesting Applications * Holds 31.5 Gallons of Water Atlantic Eco-Blox Basin Matrix are great for cascading waterfall and other pondless water features. Save time money and sweat with the basin matrix box. Eco-Blox Basin Matrix is designed to replace up to 90% of the rock and gravel needed while…
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  • Blue Thumb Water Matrix for Basins

    …Loss * Holds 17 Gallons of Water Blue Thumb Water Matrix is ideal for Pondless Waterfall Basins. It is designed to replace up to 90º of the gravel traditionally used in the reservoir of cascading falls applications. Installing a matrix allows you to build your stream or waterfall in tighter…
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  • …of water the basin will need to hold. To give you an idea a 5 foot by 10 foot basin that's 3 feet deep and contains stone will hold 330 gallons of water. A space- and cost-saving option is to use a basin matrix in place of some of the boulders. A basin matrix is a strong 27-by-16-by-17½-inch…
  • Atlantic Pump Vault Extension

    …Pump Vault Extensions offer the strength and versatility needed for pond-free projects. With the same height as Atlantic Eco-Blox Basin Matrix open the way for deeper basins larger reservoirs and greater water volumes. Flat panels and multiple cut lines for various sizes of solid and perforated pipe…
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    $166.99 - 194.99
  • Atlantic Flexible Hardscape Basins

    …for Custom Block Reservoirs * Made of Rip Stop PVC * Pre-punched for Included Bulkhead Fitting Prefer an open basin for your Spillways or Wall Spouts? Atlantic Flexible Hardscape Basins are the easiest way to waterproof your block installation making them the choice for custom block reservoirs…
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    $333.99 - 470.99
  • Atlantic Fountain Basins


    (7 Reviews)

    …* One Piece Basin Provides Exceptional Strength Atlantic Fountain Basins can be used when installing decorative fountains such as the Color Changing Vase Fountains. The basins are the strongest and best designed on the market. Featuring deep plumbing channels on the top of the basin easy access pump…
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    $155.99 - 406.99
  • Blue Thumb Fountain Conversion Kit

    * Turn Your Ceramic Vase Into a Fountain * Includes Basin Pump & Tubing * 41 & 82 Gallon Capacity Basins Blue Thumb Basin Fountain Conversion Kits are ideal for customers who already own a ceramic vase but wish to convert it into a fountain up to 24 high. While this kit works with most vases…
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    $494.99 - 799.99
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