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Basin Rock

  • Basalt Fountain Kit


    (1 reviews)

    …Low Maintenance * Natural Looking Stone Design * Includes Basalt Stone Basin Pump Pebbles These natural looking Basalt Fountain Kits provides all the benefits of a larger water feature without the time and cost. The Basalt Rocks are pre-drilled and have an 8-10 diameter. This kit has everything you…
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    $899.99 - 2249.99
  • Atlantic® Eco-Blox Basin Matrix


    (3 reviews)

    …* Holds 31.5 Gallons of Water Atlantic Eco-Blox Basin Matrix are great for cascading waterfall and other pondless water features. Save time money and sweat with the basin matrix box. Eco-Blox Basin Matrix is designed to replace up to 90% of the rock and gravel needed while holding over three times…
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  • Blue Thumb Medium Basin Fountain Conversion Kit (formerly PondBuilder™)

    …easy pump access and includes a flat supported top deck with recessed plumbing channels for hose and a pocket for a manifold. Whether installing a vase fountain bubbling rock or any type of disappearing fountain the versatility of the Fountain Basin makes them the right product for every job.
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  • …ponds tend to more easily blend into the surrounding environment and look more natural.Pondless WaterFall Pondless features use a catch basin filled with rocks that will allow the water to pass through so you can enjoy a waterfall without an open body of water. These are ideal for homeowners…
  • Bubbling Boulder Fountain Kit

    …six sided bubbling rock offers a dipping pool which easily attracts wildlife. Made from fiberglass reinforced concrete mix this single boulder weighs only 55 pounds but still has a beautiful natural look. The fountain measures 20 x 24 x 20 high. Complete kit includes: basin reservoir 530 GPH pump…
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  • Blue Thumb Tamaishi Fountain Kit

    …Zenshu water features this Japanese inspired natural rock formation features a smooth glossy surface for a fireside glow that complements the natural flow of water. Kit includes natural stone fountain (approximately 550 lb) molded acheous basin 800 GPH magnetic drive pump tubing plumbing and…
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  • …like the LEDPro™ Rock Lights so you can enjoy your stream at night.Step 6 – Finishing Touches Trim the liner and underlayment. Leave about 6-8 so you can roll the edge under the liner. Finish the edge and secure the liner by covering with gravel. Fill up your basin and get ready to plug…
  • Blue Thumb Shizukesa Fountain Kit

    …the element to the space below. The Shizukesa natural rock measures 32L x 16W x 14H and weighs approximately 735 pounds. This landscape fountain kit comes ready to install in just a few hours. Each kit comes with a core-drilled stone Achelous basin 800 GPH mag-drive pump tubing plumbing and polished…
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  • Blue Thumb Elite Pump Canyons (formerly PondBuilder™)

    …From Heavy Rocks * Ideal For Using In Pondless Water Features * Octagonal Shape Prevents Distortion Simplify any construction of vanishing waterfalls endless waterfalls or endless streams using a Blue Thumb Pump Canyon. The Pump Canyon protects your pump from crushing forces of rocks and water with…
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    $116.99 - 359.99
  • CrystalClear® SubLime™

    …removes tough limescale stains. SubLime™ also prevents build-up from occurring in basins around pump housings and in tubing. SubLime™ is gentle enough for all substrates including ceramic cement plastic resin and rock. CrystalClear® Sparkle™ & SubLime™ Combo!-->
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    $7.99 - 63.99
  • …build a pond! Now it's time to pick out which pond kit is the right fit. Before you start digging make a plan for the design of your pond. What size basin and waterfall are you looking to build? Selecting a pond kit is a big decision so if you have any questions give us call at 866-766-3435 and one…
    …feature or birdbath but is not recommended for water that contains fish invertebrates or crustaceans so use with caution. * Rock a Clean Feature - As with ponds rocks and other surfaces in your pondless waterfall will likely become a home for string algae and other debris buildups. Using…