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    feeding on their blood.Where Do Leeches Live? Of the 700 different leech species the majority live in freshwater environments like ponds and lakes. They settle in the murky mud and debris at the bottom of the water to find food and hide from predators.What Do Leeches Eat? Leeches attach to and feed
    …actively feed them? Algae weeds insects leeches and worms are great naturally occurring lake and pond fish food. However fish also need supplemental nourishment particularly if you're growing them for sport. Keep reading to learn more about what when and how much to feed your fish.What to Feed Pond…
    …environments comparative to predators like bass or prey like bluegills. To supplement the natural diet of the catfish in your pond we recommend adding Airmax EcoBoost. It adds more than 80 trace minerals to the water promoting fish growth. We also suggest feeding Game Fish Grower Fish Food to ensure…
    …a Balance To properly balance your pond you should stock your pond with three prey fish like perch or bluegill for every predator fish such as bass. This pond stocking strategy will ensure that predator fish will have a bountiful selection of prey while still giving the prey fish a sporting chance…
  • Pond King Honey Hole Trees


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    …little natural habitat that are six feet or deeper. Honey Hole Trees encourage growth rates of predator fish such as bass and crappie by providing an ideal hunting ground for feeding. Made of environmentally friendly polyethylene the fish attractor will provide up to 15000 square inches of surface…
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