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Bio Balls Media

  • The Pond Guy BioBalls Filter Media


    (33 Reviews)

    …biological filter media provides an excellent source of secondary filtration media to harbor beneficial bacteria and keep your pond balanced and clear. BioBalls are a lighter and more effective solution to biological filtration than traditional porous stone. The bio ball conforms to the shape…
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  • …reduces maintenance.Step 13: Add Biological Media Add filter media to your skimmer and waterfall box when building your pond. Use low or medium density pads in the skimmers and high or super high density for the waterfall box. The Matala Filter Media Pads are a great option since they are long…
  • Mesh Filter Media Bags


    (68 Reviews)

    …Contain Your Filter Media * Long Lasting Nylon Mesh * Zipper or Draw String Closure Options No matter your choice in secondary filtration media these Mesh Filter Media Bags can handle it. The ultra fine 1/8 mesh on our Fine Mesh Filter Media Bag is ideal for small filter media like carbon or barley…
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    $3.99 - 9.99
  • …getting rid of the excess nutrients that cause algae blooms. Choosing Your Media There are lots of options available so it can be difficult to determine which media to use and where to put it. Having a mix of filter media will be your best bet to making sure you are getting your mechanical and…
    With an assortment of filter media out there in the pond world from filter pads to bio-ribbon to lava rocks to bio balls. The purpose of your filter media is to house billions of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms that keep your pond alive crystal clear and algae-free. Let's take a look at…
    …- Clean Filters Media & Pump Filter Media First wash the filter media pads and bio balls located in your skimmer waterfall box pressurized filter and/or in-pond filter. Filter media may be stored in the waterfall box or skimmer or stored inside for the winter. If any of the media looks worn or torn…
  • Aquascape UltraKlean BioBalls Qty 250

    * Filter Media for Biological Filtration* 250 BioBalls for UltraKlean Pond Filters* Provides Mechanical Filtration Replacement filter media has small channels that pack together capturing unwanted debris. When backwashing the filter the media is stirred up to release debris for removal offering…
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  • …Guy ClearSolution Generation 2 Filter is an excellent option for ponds up to 1200 gallons. This unit houses mechanical and biological filtration media a UV clarifier to combat discolored water and pump to circulate the water. As an added bonus the water can discharge through an included fountain…
  • Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit 8' x 11'


    (1 Reviews)

    …• Includes 2 Filter Mats and BioBalls Media The Signature Series 1000 BioFalls is a biological filter that generates a waterfall landscape at the beginning of your pond. As water fills the BioFalls 1000 it gets polished with biological filter media before it cascades over the 15 spillway and…
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  • Aquascape Large 21' x 26' Pond Kit w/Tsurumi 9PL Pump

    …Spillway • Waterfall Filter Box Creates a 28 Wide Spillway • Dual Bulkhead Ports & Fittings Simplifies Installation • Filter Mats Media Nets with BioBalls & Rock Tray Included The Aquascape Signature Series 6000 BioFalls Filter provides two bulkhead fittings at the base of the filter…
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  • …up to the task then perform at least a 20% water change. * Seed & Start Your Filters: Once you refill the pond replace or clean filter media pads and secondary media like The Pond Guy BioBalls. Use Microbe-Lift PL Gel to introduce beneficial bacteria and reduce filter seed time. Once everything is…
  • Aquascape Medium Deluxe 11' x 16' Pond Kit w/ AquaSurge Pro Pump

    …gallons the durable rounded shape was structurally designed for strength. The unit includes a rock tray for camouflage bioballs biological filter media patented non−cross−threading screws and a reversible 21.5−inch waterfall spillway lip. Adjustable Flow Pond Pump With Check Valve…
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