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Black Dyemond

  • Airmax® Pond Dye (formerly Pond Logic®)


    (143 reviews)

    …a neutral blackish-blue tint that is ideal for shading and protecting your pond without making drastic changes to natural pond appearance. Black DyeMond™ creates a mirrored surface that beautifully reflects surrounding trees and natural rocky landscapes making it perfect for natural ponds in…
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    $24.99 - 27.99
  • Airmax® Pond Dye Packets (formerly Pond Logic®)


    (48 reviews)

    …in the season for best results. 2 pond dye packets will treat a 1 acre pond 4'-6'deep. 2 packets are equal to one quart of Nature's Blue or Black DyeMond Pond Dye. Each color of Airmax Pond Dye provides the same reliable protection and can be selected based on your personal color preference.…
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    $27.99 - 183.99
  • …- The 4x concentrated liquid dye quarts treats like a gallon of other competitive brands and come in your choice of Nature's Blue™ Black DyeMond™ or Twilight Blue™. Simply pour 1 quart per acre along the shoreline with protective gloves in several spots – no mixing required.…
    …ideal for decorative ponds.* Black: If you don't like the color blue or if your pond is in a wooded area go with a black dye. Black DyeMond™ creates a natural mirrored surface that reflects surrounding trees and natural rock landscapes.* Mix of Blue and Black: So you wanted the best of both…
    …and protects your pond without making drastic changes to its natural coloring. * Do you want to showcase your landscape? Consider using Black DyeMond™ dye. Designed to add beauty this option can turn brown or gray water into a beautiful display. It creates a mirrored surface that reflects…