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Blue Gill

  • MossBack Fish Habitat™ Spawning Bed

    …isn't available. This Instant shallow water structure is a 2-in-1 product designed for multiple fish species. During spawning season the blue gill bass and crappie will deposit their eggs in the spawning bed. Other forage fish like fathead minnows and threadfin shad will utilize the underside…
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  • …and ponds. They grow to between 6 and 10 inches long and appear olive green with an orange underbelly. Their uniform blue-black markings on their gills and fins give them their bluegill name. The issue with regular bluegill is they reproduce quickly and can take over a pond very fast if there is not…
    …to do it.* Terrestrial Shade: Trees and terrestrial and marginal plants growing alongside your pond can provide plenty of shade from the outside. Blue Flag Iris and Dwarf Cattail for instance planted on the south or west side will cast cool shady shadows for your fish.* Get Creative with Canopies:…