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Blue Rush

  • Blue Rush Bundle of 2


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    * Hardy Bog Plant * Unique Blue Stems Add Interest To Water Garden * Increases Natural Filtration Blue Rush is one of the bluest aquatic plants with blue-green round stems growing in a clump. It grows in shade and is semi-evergreen. Blue Rush is a great low-maintenance pond plant that works well in…
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  • …gloves extra planting bags planting media and garden hose and let's get to work! Bog Plants Bog plants include species like Corkscrew Rush Dwarf Cattail and Blue Flag Iris. These types of plants have clumping roots runners or rhizomes and the dividing process will vary slightly based on which type…
  • Pickerel Rush Bundle of 2


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    …Violet-Blue Spikes Add Color * Increases Natural Filtration Pickerel Rush is an aquatic or marsh perennial with a cluster of erect arrowhead-shaped leaves arising from a single basal clump. Throughout late spring and summer Pickerel Rush produces showy 6-8 inch spires of violet-blue flowers standing…
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  • Lavender Musk

    …Lavender Musk also known as Monkey Flower produces small 1 light pink flowers during its long blooming season. The soft green leaves blend well with blue rush or sedge marginal plants for a natural look to any pond or water garden. Lavender Musk are ideal pond border plants that can be planted in a…
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