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Blue Shade

  • Airmax Pond Dye


    (214 Reviews)

    …your personal color preference. Nature's Blue is a customer favorite and is the ideal blue pond dye for decorative ponds as it contrasts seamlessly with lush green landscaping. Twilight Blue maintains a neutral blackish-blue tint that is ideal for shading and protecting your pond without making…
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    $24.99 - 27.99
  • The Pond Guy PondShade Pond Dye Gallon


    (102 Reviews)

    * Shade & Beautify Your Pond * For Year-Long Protection * No Mixing Required The Pond Guy PondShade Blue Pond Dye is designed to shade and beautify your pond. Provide a deep blue color with PondShade True Blue or create a sparkling aqua blue color with PondShade Caribbean Blue. One gallon of…
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    $29.99 - 39.99
  • The Pond Guy Pond Shade


    (40 Reviews)

    …Protect & Shade Your Pond * Powerful Liquid Color * Safe For Fish Plants & Pets Safely shade your pond water with The Pond Guy Black Pearl or Blue Sapphire. Both shades provide the same UV protection so you can choose the color that suits your landscape. The Pond Guy Pond Shade is a powerful…
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  • Blue Thumb Copper Blue Iris Fountain Kit

    …Handcrafted Copper Leaf Fountain * Buy Complete Kit or Fountain Only * Designed with Exquisite Blue Iris Flowers Bring beauty and tranquility to any empty space. Hand made in the English countryside the Blue Iris Copper Fountain Kit will do just that. Standing approximately 50 high x 17 diameter.…
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    $2099.99 - 2999.99
  • Aquashade - 1 Gallon


    (34 Reviews)

    …Up To 1 Acre * Shades Your Pond An Aqua-Blue Color Aquashade Pond Dye is a blend of blue and yellow dyes which shades specific portions of the sunlight spectrum (red-orange and blue-violet) required by underwater aquatic plant and algae growth. This aqua blue pond dye creates shading that inhibits…
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  • Blue Thumb Polished Pebbles


    (3 Reviews)

    …6.25 Sq. Ft. A fountain can add an artistic focal point to your garden or landscape. Give your pondless water feature the finishing touch with Blue Thumb Polished Pebbles. These decorative stones are one to three inches in size and are available in black or mixed pebbles. Each 40-pound bag will…
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  • Blue Thumb Suwaru Fountain Kit

    * Great for Small Spaces * Japanese Zen Garden Influence * Unique Natural Design The Blue Thumb Suwaru Fountain Kit invites you to sit and meditate with nature. Designed with a Japanese influence the Suwaru Fountain Kit blends rough stone edges and natural earth tones with a black polished accent…
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  • Blue Thumb Tamaishi Fountain Kit

    * Complete Modern Bubble Fountain Kit * Natural Stone with a Beautiful Glossy Surface * Includes Water Fountain Pump & Pebbles Create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere while giving your landscape a modern look with the Tamaishi Fountain Kit. Part of Bluth Thumb's Zenshu water features this…
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  • Blue Thumb Shizukesa Fountain Kit

    * Shizukesa Natural Rock Fountains * Ready to Install DIY Garden Fountain Kit * Add a Stunning Landscape Water Display * Differnt Pebble Colors to Blend in Your Landscape The Zenshu Fountain Series provides a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to your backyard or patio. The Shizukesa creates an…
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  • Blue Thumb 28-Inch Medium Formal Falls

    * Stainless Steel Construction * Self Draining No Need to Winterize * Manufactured in the USA Blue Thumb 28 Medium Formal Falls (formerly PondBuilder) is the perfect solution to add the beauty of a waterfall into a variety of vertical wall applications. Features a large opening for thick showy water…
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  • Blue Thumb GFRC Triple Falls Rocks


    (1 Reviews)

    * Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete* Lightweight Durable Rock Boulders* Hand Painted & Sealed for a Natural Look Blue Thumb Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Faux Rocks are a great feature to have in any landscape. GFRC is a lightweight durable material that is hand-painted and sealed to give…
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    $149.99 - 279.99
  • Blue Thumb Small Caldera Fountain Kit

    * Single Boulder Water Fountain * 530 GPH Adjustable Pump * Beautiful Natural Rock Look This lovely classic six sided bubbling rock offers a dipping pool which easily attracts wildlife. Each Small Caldera Fountain is molded from real stone and made of durable GRFC concrete for a beautiful look and…
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    $439.99 - 999.99
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