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Blue Thumb Cascade Waterfall Boxes

  • Blue Thumb Cascade Waterfall Boxes


    (6 Reviews)

    …Easy to Install The Blue Thumb Cascading Waterfalls Boxes are great for starting a pondless waterfall or meandering stream. Unlike waterfall filters this box is designed to only provide a pooling area for water; this is not a biological filter. The Cascading Waterfall Box has a built in landscaping…
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    $71.99 - 119.99
  • Blue Thumb Corner Falls Waterfall Box

    …Corner Falls Waterfall Box includes an attached landscape lid for plants mulch or rock making it easier to disguise in the landscape. Thinking of adding to a pondless kit or installing two waterfalls? Consider pairing the Corner Falls Waterfall Box with a Blue Thumb 10 or 20 Cascading Falls Pondless…
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  • Blue Thumb Cascade Pondfree Waterfall Kits


    (37 Reviews)

    * Complete Pondless Waterfall DIY Kit * Creates Streams up to 15' Long x 4' Wide * Disappearing 10 to 28 Waterfall Ideal for Small Spaces The Blue Thumb Cascade Pondfree Waterfall Kits are ideal for homeowners looking to add just the tranquil sounds of water to their landscape. Taking up as little…
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    $447.99 - 1421.99
  • Blue Thumb Elite Cascade Spillway

    …diffuser pad and a bolt on weir for a leak-proof seal. The Elite Cascade Spillway also features dual intake ports to install plumbing on either side of the box or for joining multiple boxes together. The PondBuilder Elite Cascade Spillway can be easily camouflaged with TrueRock covers while…
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    $179.99 - 539.99
  • …Application Are looking to send water cascading over a waterfall or run a small fountain or send water through a UV clarifier? * Fountains or Spitters typically require a smaller pump. Look for pumps in our Fountain & Spitter Pump category. * Waterfalls require a few more calculations to determine…
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