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  • Microbe-Lift Aquatic Planting Media


    (56 Reviews)

    …alkalinity for improved pond water quality. When used in a bog area Microbe-Lift Aquatic Pond Plant Media helps reduce transplant shock allow for more efficient utilization of light water and nutrients and retain water keeping the bog moist but not waterlogged. Microbe-Lift Aquatic Planting Media…
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    $15.16 - 29.56
  • …often decorated with rocks streams and waterfalls. Rubber lined ponds are generally larger in size and utilize waterfalls pressurized filters and bog plants to provide circulation and filtration. These ponds can contain many colorful koi or goldfish as well as a variety of aquatic plants. With the…
  • Atlantic Pump Vault Extension

    …open the way for deeper basins larger reservoirs and greater water volumes. Flat panels and multiple cut lines for various sizes of solid and perforated pipe allow almost limitless plumbing options to easily accommodate any project from mighty waterfalls to rainwater cisterns and down flow bogs.
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    $166.99 - 194.99
  • …of the pond for maintenance in the future. Place your lights so they shine out away from the viewing area.Step 11: Add Plants & Fill Pond Place bog plants on the shallow plant shelf and lilies in the bottom of the pond. Don't worry if they aren't covering the pond's surface yet they'll grow quickly.…
    …so there is no need to fertilize them. * Bog Plants: Bog plants are planted around the perimeter of your pond or in shallow areas. There is a lot of variety in the color size and shape of these plants so they are sure to attract everyone's attention. Bog plants are perennial so you will be seeing…
  • Water Lily & Water Lotus Planting Tubs

    …Tubs are made of plastic without holes or lattices to keep plants and soil neatly contained. The planting tubs are a convenient and practical way to group bog plants together or plant a lotus or water lily. The 5 gallon and 9 gallon tubs are deep and provide ample room for the plants to expand.
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    $15.99 - 25.99
  • The Pond Guy LEDPro Mini 1-Watt 3 Pack


    (17 Reviews)

    …Water LED Lights * Interchangeable Lenses for Five Color Options The Pond Guy LEDPro Mini 1-Watt Submersible Light Kits are great for small features bog areas or a little night fo your fish. Each of the LEDPro Mini 1-Watt Lights shines with the same intensity as a 10 watt halogen bulb but with a…
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  • Round Floating Plant Island


    (No Reviews)

    …soil contained while providing plants with enough water. Each island can be placed on the water surface individually or linked together as a group to produce an attractive display. Ideal for ponds without planting shelves or in places where the pond is too deep to plant bog plants on the bottom. -->
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    $29.99 - 34.99
  • …general bog plants should be divided every one to two years; water lilies and lotus are usually divided every two to three years. Below is a simplified how-to guide so grab your pruning tools gloves extra planting bags planting media and garden hose and let's get to work! Bog Plants Bog plants…
    …to reduce excess nutrients control algae blooms and provide cover for your fish. For ponds up to 50 square feet we recommend 6-12 floating plants 2 bog plants 5 submerged plants and 1 water lily. * Is it Warm Enough: Climates are different throughout the nation which influences the types of plants…
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