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Bottom Drain

  • 90 Thru-Liner Bottom Drain

    Install a bottom drain to help remove debris off the bottom of your pond or water feature. For use on ponds with pond liners helps debris to be removed from the bottom of the pond. Connect to pump via 3 PVC ABS pipe or swimming pool flex hose.
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  • Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting Downspout Filter

    …Designed with a molded hose tail to accommodate a 3 or 4 corrugated drain pipe to direct the water into an optional water storage reservoir or away from your foundation to prevent flooding. Small percolation holes at the bottom of the filter allow the remaining water to slowly percolate out of the…
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  • …depth or more. The reason for this is to discourage predators and increase usable area for their fish to roam and grow. Koi ponds also utilize bottom drains and large amounts of water flow to create ideal breeding conditions. These typically rely on heavy duty filtration systems and UV sterilizers…
    …your water garden you should drain the water down below the skimmer opening and leave water in the bottom of the pond. The reason for this is to help prevent some shifting within the water garden. The ground will shift throughout the winter and if you were to drain the water garden entirely it could…
    …skimmers disconnect your pump and check valve and allow the water to drain from your plumbing and waterfall. For ponds with in-pond filtration or filters containing UV or ion clarifiers disconnect them from the plumbing and drain out the water.Step 2: Lower the Pond's Water Level Now that your…
    …pipe to the back of the skimmer when you build your pond. Make sure the overflow hole is near the top above the natural water level so you don't drain your pond too low. Attach a leak-proof bulkhead to the hole which provides a female thread on both sides of the seal. Connect a male adapter that…
    …- so if your pump is off your water's not moving or being filtered and that could do some damage to your pond's inhabitants. Plus if all the water drains out of your filter you could wind up with a loss of the beneficial bacteria that live on the media inside. * Settled Debris: Moving water helps to…
    …an excellent recreational location in your own backyard but not everyone is lucky enough to have soil that will allow them to make an earthen bottom. For land owners who are not able to hold water with just soil alone liners provide an excellent option for retaining water. Smaller Ponds (under…
  • The Pond Guy ClearVac Discharge Hose


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    Replacement Discharge Hose for The Pond Guy ClearVac Pond Vacuum measures: 8' long by 2.5 diameter. Connect the discharge hose to the drain opening located towards the bottom of the pond vacuum. Lay the discharge hose so it lies flat and away from the pond. If desired attach the debris bag (collects…
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  • …The Pond Guy Oxy-Lift Defense to speed up the process. Be sure to clean out any bottom-dwelling muck and skim out floating debris. Most people drain their ponds for easier access to the entire pond. If you are not up to the task then perform at least a 20% water change. * Seed & Start Your Filters:…
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