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  • Live Koi Packages - Silver


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    …Koi Safety Add and excitement to your pond with high-quality koi delivered directly to your door! 5 Choice Standard Fin and 3 Choice Long Fin Butterfly Koi are hand-selected by top Japanese breeders and raised in optimal conditions. As a result you can enjoy the benefits of beautiful high-quality…
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  • Live Koi Packages - Gold

    …for beautiful high-quality koi delivered to your door. Gold Koi Package includes a mix of (10) 6 - 10 Koi that includes both Standard and Long Butterfly Fin Choice and Elite Koi. Once ordered your koi will ship separately via air carrier on either a Tuesday or Thursday and arrive at your door that…
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  • …* Wildlife Retreat: Water is the base of life so humans and animals are naturally drawn toward water. Wild birds dragonflies turtles squirrels butterflies and frogs will enjoy your new outdoor addition. When designing your pond think about ways to include food and shelter options for these critters.…
    …Animals of all sorts gravitate toward water. Depending on where you live you can expect to see wild birds and waterfowl raccoons turtles frogs butterflies and dragonflies not to mention all the underwater life. These animals will call the pond and your property home making it an entertaining…