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Calcium Remover

    …a solution to neutralize acid without changing the pH. It both controls and maintains water pH. Alkalinity is related to the amount of dissolved calcium magnesium and other compounds in the water so alkalinity tends to be higher in harder water. It naturally decreases over time through bacterial…
  • CrystalClear® SubLime™


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    * Removes Limescale & Calcium Deposits * Keeps Basins Clean * Prolongs The Life of Pumps CrystalClear® SubLime™ removes tough limescale stains. SubLime™ also prevents build-up from occurring in basins around pump housings and in tubing. SubLime™ is gentle enough for all…
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    $7.99 - 63.99
  • Airmax® D-Scale™ Fountain & Aeration Cleaner


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    …* Removes Lime Calcium & Rust Stains * Works On Contact Without Fumes * Stronger Safer Alternative to Harsh Cleaners Like Hydrochloric or Muriatic Acid Airmax D-Scale Fountain & Aeration Cleaner is a powerful multi-functional fountain cleaning solution that deep cleans and removes limescale…
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    $24.99 - 59.99
  • …like Naiad but lacks flowers true leaves and roots. It is easily identified by its strong musky odor when crushed and the gritty texture due to calcium deposits on the plant. Algae Pros and Cons Surprisingly algae has many benefits: The tiny plants feed fish and make great homes for micro- and…