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  • Pond Underlayment


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    …to damage from insects and rodents. Underlayment should cover all surfaces in which the pond liner will be placed. Underlayment does not need to be seamed joints may be simply overlapped. Not sure what size you need? Try our Water Garden Calculator or give our experts a call at 866-766-3435.
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  • Carlisle® AquaTough™ 45 Mil EPDM Rubber Pond Liner


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    …When finished your pond will have a natural look. Use EPDM pond liner with Underlayment to protect your liner from sharp objects and heavy rocks. Not sure what size EPDM pond liner you need? Try our Water Garden Calculator or give our experts a call at 866-766-3435. SHIPPING NOTE: Buyers…
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    $29.99 - 4499.99
  • …anchoring the liner: 6' + 1' = 7' * Determine length: 10' + 7' = 17' * Determine width: 5' + 7' = 12'This means your liner would need to be at least 12' x 17'. Since EPDM liners are sold in precut sizes you will want to order the 15' x 20' liner. If in doubt when selecting a liner opt for a larger…
    …are planning to design and build your own feature here's how to do the math to determine your basin size. Step 1: Calculate total amount of water in your stream Sound tricky? It's not. To calculate the water that's in motion in your stream first measure your stream's length width and depth. Then…
    …are some of the materials you will need: * Liner & Underlayment: You will need to know the length width and depth of your stream in order to calculate which size liner and underlayment is needed for your project. Use the article Calculate Liner Size to help with your equations. * Pump: A pump…
    …get use our calculator. Step 8: Attach Liner to Waterfall Box Your waterfall box should be level side to side and tipped slightly forward – about an inch – towards the pond. Hold the liner to the front of the waterfall box and mark the top bolt on each side. Remove the liner and apply a…