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    …points on your pond or pond to be. Next plug these numbers into the calculator: (Length + (2 x Depth + 1)) by (Width + (2 x Depth + 1)). Let's look at an example for a pond that is 10' long 5' wide and 3' deep: * Double the pond's depth: 2 x 3' = 6' * Add 1' extra for anchoring the liner: 6' + 1' =…
    …to your pump.Go with a Kit If you aren't trying to customize a large waterfall consider investing in a pond free waterfall kit. They contain all components you'll need - from underlayment and liner to a waterfall box pump basin matrix and plumbing - with predetermined dimensions to help you create…
  • Carlisle® AquaTough™ 45 Mil EPDM Rubber Pond Liner


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    …point during installations. When finished your pond will have a natural look. Use EPDM pond liner with Underlayment to protect your liner from sharp objects and heavy rocks. Not sure what size EPDM pond liner you need? Try our Water Garden Calculator or give our experts a call at 866-766-3435.…
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    $29.99 - 4499.99
  • Pond Underlayment


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    …to damage from insects and rodents. Underlayment should cover all surfaces in which the pond liner will be placed. Underlayment does not need to be seamed joints may be simply overlapped. Not sure what size you need? Try our Water Garden Calculator or give our experts a call at 866-766-3435.
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    $24.99 - 159.99
  • …check out our pond calculator.Step 8: Attach Liner to Waterfall Box Your waterfall box should be level side-to-side and tipped slightly forward - about an inch - towards the pond. Hold the liner to the front of the waterfall box and mark the top bolt on each side. Remove the liner and apply a bead…
    …your liner. Attach the waterfall box to the liner using Fish Safe Silicone to create a watertight seal. Pro Tip: If you are installing your waterfall into an existing feature you do not need to seam the streamliner to the pond liner. Simply place the streamliner over the pond liner so water…