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Calculate Pond Volume

    …circular ponds, so this will not work. Instead, the PS20 will provide proper aeration for ponds of a rectangular shape. Feeling stumped on how to find the right aeration system for your pond or have questions on calculating your pond volume? Call us at 866-766-3435 for our free personalized pond
    …kits need to be capable of circulating the volume of water in the pond. If you do not know your pond size offhand, you will have to determine your length, width, and maximum depth. Multiply L X W X (0.5 x D) to calculate the cubic feet in your pond. Water gardens are typically measured in gallons,…
    …the pond, drop the weight into the water and note where you feel it hit the bottom. * Repeat your measurements for at least 4 other areas within the pond, doing more if the pond is particularly large. * When you have a good sampling of your pond's depth, record the maximum depth and calculate the…