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  • Fountain Mooring Kit


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    …water. Now anchoring your fountain in place is easy with a Fountain Mooring Kit. Each kit includes all necessary mooring supplies: two stakes two carabiners four cable clamps and your choice of 150' 250' or 500' of black vinyl coated galvanized wire (mooring line). Attach the mooring line to the…
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    $99.99 - 199.99
  • Power House Mooring Lines

    * Secures & Positions Dock Ice Eaters Fountains & Aerators * Easily Attaches to Shackles or Carabiners on Motors * Set of 2 3/8 Hollow Braided Polypropylene Lines Prevent your aerator fountain or dock ice eater from shifting out of a desired position with Power House Mooring Lines. Each…
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    $20.00 - 30.00
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