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Cat Tails

  • Graceful Cattail Bundle of 2


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    * Slender Green Foliage * Smaller Than Common Cattail * Nice Accent Plants Graceful Cattail also known as Tupha laxmanni can grow up to 4 feet high with slender green foliage that arches gracefully. For zones below 9 the catkins will appear in the summer and they will appear narrower than the common…
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  • Common Cattail Bundle of 2

    * Hardy Bog Plant * Nice Accent Plants * Increases Natural Filtration The Common Cattail is a popular choice for wetland and bog areas because they increase natural filtration and provide food and protection for fish turtles and frogs. Common Cattails make a nice accent plant in any size pond and…
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  • Variegated Cattail

    * Hardy Bog Plant * Blooms Throughout Summer * Increases Natural Filtration The leaves of the Variegated Cattail Hardy Bog Plant are variegated vertically with bright green and white stripes. This showy cattail is a welcome addition to the water garden or koi pond. Produces catkins (Catkins are…
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  • Dwarf Cattail Bundle of 2


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    * Hardy Bog Plant * Blooms Through Summer * Increases Natural Filtration Dwarf Cattails are a decorative and much smaller version of the Common Cattail and makes an excellent background plant. Dwarf Cattails are great for smaller ponds container gardens or water gardens and should always be planted…
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