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  • Oase FiltoClear Filter Foam Replacement


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    Replacement Filter Sets for Oase FiltoClear Pressure Filters. Fits models: 3000 4000 and 8000. We recommend changing your filter pads once a season or when they appear worn.
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    $69.99 - 105.99
  • Savio Standard Skimmerfilter


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    …simplifies skimmer clean out and protects your pump from harmful solid debris. The easy to remove filter media tray provides additional surface area; boosting biological filtration and making media pad changes a breeze. The Skimmerfilter also has patented built-in UV receptacles to allow for quick…
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  • …If your pond is equipped with a pressurized filter replace the UV bulb as well as the filter media. If you have a waterfall filter wash or replace the filter media. Once all filter media has been washed or replaced we recommend seeding the media with beneficial bacteria. Microbe-Lift PL Gel…
    …weeks before adding fish as the ammonia and nitrites levels will be high. To help increase the number of beneficial microorganisms seed your filter media with PL Gel and add Nature's Defense to the water. Boosting dissolved oxygen levels in the pond can also be helpful with a simple aeration kit.…
    …sure they don't have any parasites or fungal infections that could infect the rest of your population. Water Changes Fish can also become skittish and hide after water changes. Any change to their environment - like the water quality pH level or oxygen level - can cause them to stress and when they…
    …task then perform at least a 20% water change. * Seed & Start Your Filters: Once you refill the pond replace or clean filter media pads and secondary media like The Pond Guy BioBalls. Use Microbe-Lift PL Gel to introduce beneficial bacteria and reduce filter seed time. Once everything is back in…
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