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Cheaper Pond Fountain

    …a full pond. Since there is no open waterbody fish are not part of this feature but a wide variety of bog plants can be incorporated into the design. Disappearing Fountain This fountain feature also uses a catch basin to re-circulate water however instead of a waterfall a decorative fountain pot or…
    …lake or pond to hold water for crop or garden irrigation during the dry months of the year. * Cheaper than therapy: More than one pond owner has told us about how therapeutic their ponds are! After a long day at the office there's nothing more relaxing than sitting alongside your pond with a cold…
    pond will improve and bring you more satisfaction as a hobbyist. With so many different options for water features to choose from once you master one you can try your hand at another type. * Cheaper than Therapy: After a long day at the office there is nothing better than sitting alongside your pond
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