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Chlorine Test Kit

  • API Pond Starter Bundle

    …removes chlorine as it conditions tap water and should be used when setting up a pond adding new fish or changing pond water. Master Test Kit • Monitors Water Quality Fast & Accurate • Prevents Invisible Water Issues • Conducts Over 500 Tests The API Pond Master Test Kit measures…
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  • …quality with a water test kit like the Pond Master Test Kit that measures ammonia and pH and correct it if necessary. Additionally to give your fish the ability to keep stress at bay The Pond Guy Stress Reducer Plus helps to restore its natural slime coat - while removing chlorine chloramines and…
    …in their indoor digs is similar to what you do when they're outside. Because the living quarters are cramped check your water parameters with a test kit once a week or so to ensure the water quality is safe. Also check your water levels and add water as needed and keep an eye on the equipment to…
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